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Louis Hornick News

Providing America's Curtains and Drapery since 1918

"Made (Again) in the USA" - Featured in official publication of the University of Pennsylvania

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Made (Again) in the USA

Class of '42, '72, '02

By Dave Zeitlin C'03

Class of ’42, ’72, ’02 | Nearly 100 years ago, a 22-year-old entrepreneur named Louis Hornick rented a small loft on Bleecker Street in New York City, scribbled his name onto a business card, and placed an order for curtains.

Thus began Louis Hornick and Company, Inc., Thus began Louis Hornick and Company, Inc., which has, remarkably, remained in the family ever since, with three generations of Penn graduates —the late Morton J. “M.J.” Hornick W’42, Louis Hornick II W’72, and Louis “Tripp” Hornick III C’02 —running the window-treatments and home-textiles business.

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The recipient of numerous awards for writing and design, the Gazette presents thought-provoking articles and information about the University campus along with alumni notes and comment. Written for, about, and frequently by, alumni, the Gazette’s viewpoint is as wide-ranging as the readership it serves and is committed to reinforcing the richness and diversity of the Penn experience.