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For ninety-nine years we have prided ourselves with the best customer service in the industry.

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Our People

Providing America's Curtains and Drapery since 1918

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Like an orchestra… Some of our players offer tremendous craftsmanship skills, while in others we seek the mastery of the highly technological processes that are now the core of our manufacturing. We have data experts, purchasing specialists, creative stylists and an administrative team that prides itself on professional leadership… Performing together. All in tune to our valued customer.


"Learning disabilities are tragic in children, but are fatal in organizations."
-Peter Senge

Six Sigma is a customer focused process, which permits Louis Hornick & Company to manufacture products and provide services that are defects free, at a lower cost and reduced delivery time.

Six Sigma Technology uses the Scientific Method to apply the integrated tools of advanced Statistics, Quality, and Industrial Engineering through cross-functional teams to create value, develop error free processes and reduce cycle times for our customers.

At Louis Hornick Company, Six Sigma is deployed through classroom training combined with direct application to processes critical to the customer. It develops both the culture and expertise needed to sustain continuous process improvement and create the personal growth to keep it moving forward.

The results of Six Sigma process improvement are new and faster mistake-proofed ways of creating value for our customers.